Milwaukee 2018 Institute

Monday - October 1st, 2018

Milwaukee, WI

6th Annual Mental Health in Schools Institute



Location:  UW-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education Conference Center - Downtown Milwaukee

This unique multidisciplinary conference is intended for:

School Social Workers
School Counselors
School Psychologists
School Administrators
Special Education Teachers
School Administrators
Community Mental Health Providers

Institute Sponsors:

UW- Milwaukee School of Continuing Education

UW-Milwaukee Helen Bader School of Social Welfare

  Conference Highlights:

18 Workshop  offerings 1.5 hours to  3.0 hours in length...

Childhood Trauma Consequences & Effective Care

Motivational Interviewing

Aligning Pupil Services’ Work within PBIS

Immigration Issues for Students and Schools

Supporting Students Who are Caregivers at Home

Maximizing SEL Competencies for Students with Special Needs

Ethics & Boundaries & the Use of Technology

Selecting & Integrating Effective Practices within PBIS

Alcohol and Drug Prevention – WAKE UP CALL

Autism through the Lens of SEL Competencies

Mental Health Screening: The What, Why and How

Infusion Curiosity, Connections and Co-planning into the FBA Process

Identifying & Preventing Youth Sex Trafficking

Compassion, Resilience & the Persistence of Integrity 

DBT Skills - Teaching DEAR MAN

Wise Mind - Teaching Kids How to Regulate Emotions

Reaching the Unreachable Child (K-5)

American Council for School Social Work

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